Ever wonder why some years the solstice is the 21st of June and other years the 20th?  I ask you because I have!

So, I decided to investigate and share with you in case you were wondering about this too.

Solstice comes from the Latin word Sol, meaning sun, and sistere, to come to a standstill or a stop.


The date and time vary from year to year as this event occurs when the sun, as seen from earth, reaches the northernmost position. As it reaches this position in our sky it comes to a standstill, not moving north or south, before it transitions back to moving south.

The solstice is the moment in time when the pendulum appears to stop just before it swings back the other way. This year’s solstice is Thursday June 20th at 2:50 pm MST.

Some fun facts about the solstice

Sometimes the solstice is on the 22nd of June!! This is quite rare and the last time it occurred was 1975 and the next time will be 2203!

I always thought that on this day was the earliest sunrise and latest sunset as it was considered the longest day of the year…. Turns out that is wrong. The earliest sunrise usually happens a few days prior to the solstice and the latest sunset a few days post solstice.

Anyone with middle school kids might know this but in case you forgot from science class all those years ago, the earth is farthest from the sun at the June Solstice not closest to the sun. In fact, earth will be the farthest from the sun (its Aphelion) a few weeks after the June Solstice.

As a healing practice, we can look at the summer solstice as a time of reflection, celebration, gratitude, hope and connection. It is a time where we start to see the germination of the seeds planted in spring and the new beginnings and excitement that this brings. It offers the time to plan our future and what we want to bring into the world. And it gives us the chance to bask in the sunshine tapping into the transformative power and energy of the sun. The warmer weather offering us time to be in nature and allowing us to fill ourselves up with the nourishment offered by the great outdoors and sunshine.

How are you going to celebrate Summer Solstice?