Hello! My name is Jenn Wik. I was introduced to you all just over a month ago, and what a ride it has been. My heart has been filled with so much gratitude and joy not only from my clients, new and continuous, but also for the clinic and the people I have the privilege of working with and befriending.

The clinics mentality is unlike any other I have seen or witnessed. We are all working “together” for a common goal I have strived for my entire career. Working with likeminded people to help achieve Osana. Promoting the lifestyle of health, prosperity, and happiness, “Wellness for Life”.

As mentioned in my introduction, helping people fills my cup! Therefore, picking and choosing courses according to my clientele’s specific needs and benefits helped to guide me in my post grad education. Hot Stone being no exception!

I took my Hot Stone course way back in September of 2008. At the time, only one other person in the spa I was working at knew how to provide such service. With a clientele begging us for it and me thirsting for more knowledge I was quick to apply for the course.

After taking the course I was tossed into the fire with the demand so high some days it was hard to keep up.

As I gained experience with hot stone massage and my overall therapeutic massage practice, I came to realize two glaring problems.

People felt that hot stone massages was simply a relaxing spa treatment, a treat, that provided minimal therapeutic response because if there was no pain, thus no gain.

I need to break this down….

Concern number one…

“No pain, no gain”… One of my least favorite phrases in the health industry.

Over my years of experience, I struggled with this one. I wanted to achieve the knowledge and skill set to balance someone’s body with minimal “pain” for gain. I developed my own style and techniques by looking at the body as a whole.

Structurally I look at what is pulling at what creating functional challenges. Whether it be because of injury or repetitive strain from one’s career etc. My aim is to target certain muscle groups that are pulling at the area before targeting the symptomatic area, so the therapeutic massage is more enjoyable yet still addresses the “problem areas” with minimal “pain” or discomfort for maximum gain.

Concern number two…

Just because it feels like relaxation doesn’t mean it isn’t therapeutic!

The heat provided from the stones help to penetrate the deeper layers of the tissues faster, melting one’s fascia and tissues like butter providing a much more relaxing approach to therapeutic massage.

When taking the course one of the key phrases that stuck with me from the instructor over the years was this….

“Hot Stone massage takes just 15 minutes to get someone as fully relaxed as it does when one is finished a full hour of therapeutic massage”.

So, my thought…. Let’s create magic by combining the two and offer a solution to these glaring issues.

It may have taken years, but through expanding my knowledge and tools through post graduate education and truly listening and learning from my clients through extensive communication, I have been able to fine tune my craft.  To my clients over the years, I am truly grateful as it has helped me craft the massage experience to be both greatly relaxing AND therapeutic and allowed me to hone the hot stone experience to be unlike that of any other hot stone massage.

Curious about hot stone massage, or any other types and styles of massage I can offer? Or wishing to tailor your treatment to meet your specific needs but are unsure where to start?

Feel free to get in touch with me either via the clinic at (403) 556-7505 or call/text me personally at (403) 443-0097.

Let’s chat about bettering your health journey. Let me help you, your performance and. Your life Take Flight.