Monday was an interesting energetic day for me. On my morning walk with the dogs I was in an uncomfortable place. Apparently, Saturn energies are a part of this???

These uncomfortable places I am all too familiar with. I have been here often enough to know it usually signifies a shift is going to happen, a growth or evolution if you want to look at it that way. 

My earliest concrete memory of one of these uncomfortable places was when I was just finishing university. Most commonly when I hit these spaces, I have come to a realization that I have achieved the goals I have set out for myself, but I have not yet set new goals and I am not really sure what is next.  It puts me in that uncomfortable space as there is simply stagnation in my life that I must contend to… stagnation after is what we consider in osteopathy the creator of our health challenges….

As I was reflecting on this walk it was a true what the heck kind of moment. Where was I? Where am I going? Am I where I am meant to be? Am I where I want to be? Where do I want to be? What do I want?

Take Flight has been operating now for over 5 years in the town of Olds. Things have come so far from where it all started, and there is so much more to come, but there was a niggly in my head about something.

The only consideration I had at the moment was that it was limbo we are currently in as we await news of our new therapist’s Visa approval….

But that was not it.

As the niggly remained into the following morning, I decided to journal on it and my answer was revealed.

It is time to make space.

Space for what?

As I reflected up on the message it made perfect sense.

If you want to bring something into your world, you need to make space for it.

I recognized as I was preparing to write this that I was again in that space – many goals accomplished but what was the next step to achieve the other goals not yet achieved? It isn’t that I didn’t have goals at this uncomfortable space but it was that I was not taking action.

I have known since moving into our new space that I wanted to eventually expand to fill the space.

In my vision of creating the new Take Flight office there were three phases. Phase 1 was ready when we moved in. Phase 2 was completed within 6 months of our move. But phase three remains in my imagination, and is currently occupied by stuff.

There are no realized plans about this space yet, some visions of course, but nothing concrete. All I know is that in my goals I set out for the year back in December of last year, I wanted to move into phase three. I had not thought about it for some time; but apparently now is the time… the message made perfect sense and reminded me I need to create space. So with a little help, we are finding ways to create space in the back openness that is phase three.

This is no different than our health. If we want to overcome a challenge, sometimes we simply must make space to reflect on what it means, what we must do, to make the time to do the things we have to do to accomplish the goal.

If it is weight loss, we must make time to meal plan, prepare healthy meals and get in regular exercise or even ask for help.

If we want to learn how a new sport or activity we have to find lessons and get registered, get the equipment required.

If we want to heal from an injury, we have to make space for our recovery, whether it is making time to rest or to seek and attend appointments.

You get the point…

You make space – whether that is time or decluttering or taking action….

Goals and dreams are nothing without some sort of action to help them come into reality.

At this time of the solstice, take the time to reflect on where you are now, where you want to go and what you might need to get there. Make a plan and take action.

What do you need to make space for?

Please note the picture above is a picture I had in my head for years as I tried to create my logo. I still love the logo I have and am grateful for it but I found this pic and had to share it. I wish I could give credit to whomever used AI to create the image but I cannot. Thank you anyway for putting some of my own images into this image.