We have all heard don’t believe everything you hear or read but have you ever considered everything you think? Our brain is tricky!  We think upwards of 60,000 thoughts per day!!!  And, If I were to estimate it, I would say that 95% or more of these thoughts are total BS! 

Our brain is constantly playing things over in our mind.  The past, how we could have handled things better and what we SHOULD HAVE SAID.  The future, planning your to do list, how you are going to handle a difficult situation, what would happen “if” I decide to do this instead of that?  Or even more unbelievable, our ego’s opinion of what other people think about us! 
But the thing is, our thoughts around these things are all based on the interpretation from our subconscious brain…  You know the one running in the background on autopilot? The one that was formed based on past events and beliefs we have had since we were young!  Many of these beliefs are false and no longer serve us and our past events truly prevent us from believing in a more beautiful outcome!  So, the truth is, likely what you are thinking, is false. 
So, the next time you are watching your thoughts, especially recurring thoughts, ask yourself, is this true? Likely your deep knowing is aware that it is kaka; but if you are not sure, consider many events in your life that have disproven it. 
If you realize that the statement is false – reframe it as an affirmation of the opposite and repeat it at least three times. You might want to repeat it a few times a day every day for 45 days to really leave a lasting impression on your subconscious mind.
Happy thinking!