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Take Flight Osteopathic Wellness

Where we help you understand and liberate the cause for your discomfort, pain and dis-ease and mental struggles so you can find the freedom to SOAR!

The human body is a very complicated machine. Just like our cars, it breaks down from time to time. Trouble is, we notice these little changes in our cars much faster than we do in our own bodies. Eventually, discomfort, dysfunction, pain and even disease set in if we wait long enough before addressing it.

Consider the crew at Take Flight as mechanics of the human body. We are here to find out why your body is not running as it should; why you have the symptoms you have. We offer solutions to assist the body in regaining its function and efficiency so you can live your best life. Eventually, through a deeper understanding of your body and mind, you will learn to catch these little nuances to prevent break downs in the future.

Feeling Old?
Too young to have so much pain? Feeling your symptoms are just a sign of getting older? Digestion getting sluggish? Tired, brain fog or difficulties concentrating? Hormones out of whack? Scared of getting older?

Lost Hope?
You still have back pain and neck tension from the car accident you had years ago. Your body has just not been the same since the delivered your last child. Troubles all started after your having surgery. Been told you will just have to live with pain?

No One Knows What’s Wrong?
You have had all the blood tests and medical imaging. They are all negative. No one can find anything wrong with you. You have done all the therapies and you are tired of medications just masking the symptoms or making you feel worse.

These are all stories we have heard many times. If any of these statements resonate with you, you are in the right place.

We are here to let you know there is HOPE.

The answers you have not yet received, the chance for the relief you seek.

The ability to move pain free and with ease.

The opportunity to let your life SOAR once again.

Our Services

Osteopathic Care

Osteopathic manual therapists, also known as the mechanic or CSI’s of the body, identify the tensions within your body limiting its ability to function as it should and release these tensions through gentle, hands on techniques to let the body heal from within.

Massage Therapy

This hands-on soft tissue therapy influences the body to release tensions held within the musculature to help the body feel more relaxed, you to feel less stressed and at ease.

Yoga Therapy

(Neuromuscular Re-wiring)
This approach to functional movement addresses poor movement and mental patterns impacting your ability to move freely, with ease and with more comfort through rewiring of proper neuromuscular patterns.


Find your Zen through movement, prana (breathing) and invocation. Leave feeling revived, grounded, re-centred and stronger.

Customized Therapeutic Yoga

Take your mobility, strength, and function to a whole new level. Individualized programs to meet your needs in a group session.


Remove blockages or disturbances in the flow of your bodies energies (Qi) to prevent and recover from various health challenges that can result from these energy imbalances.


This gentle hands-on approach addresses the bones of the cranium and the dura surrounding our brain and spinal column to induce changes within the autonomic nervous system leaving you feel at peace.

Counseling Therapy

Examine your emotions, thoughts, and experiences to gain clarity, self-awareness and new tools to improve your well-being and overall functioning.

Functional Osteopathy

This two-therapist approach combines Functional Movement Therapy with Osteopathic care.


Resolve karma and help realize the potential in your life through chanted or quietly repeated quietly sacred sounds, words, or phrases.

Every wonder why your body just does not function like it used to? Why you do not fully recover after an injury? Or why other challenges crop up after an injury?
Maybe it’s bloating after eating, your quality of sleep has deteriorated, or you cannot move as easily as you once did… Getting older cannot explain it all.

Our bodies are incredible functioning works of art. A system of pulleys and levers that help us move, mixed in with incredible assembly lines that provide us the energy and electricity we need to keep us moving. Our body is a system of interrelationships that are nothing without each other. It is a complicated machine, but as soon as one thing is just a bit off, adaptations occur in order to keep us moving forward.

The unbelievable thing? Our body can do it!!! … Until it cannot.

Little by little things within the system change and little by little we notice. Maybe we notice these things early and perhaps we do not until a disease process sets in. Regardless of where you are at, something changed within the system leaving the body unable to function as the perfect machine it once was.

That’s where we come in. Our in-depth knowledge of the human body and its interrelationships, combined with both our detective and finite palpation skills, allow us to locate and liberate these changes that have led to your symptoms allowing the body to move towards improved health and ease of movement.

”It appears perfectly reasonable to any person… who has familiarized himself with anatomy and its working with the machinery of life, that all diseases are mere effects, the cause being a partial or complete failure of the nerves to properly conduct the fluids of life.

The result of anatomical abnormalities followed by physiological discord. When you have adjusted the physical to its normal demands”… “where there is no functional disturbance to any nerve, vein or artery that supply and govern the skin, fascia, muscle, blood or any fluid that should freely circulate to sustain life”…” nature supplies the remainder.” Dr. A.T Still

"Let us help you fly!"

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Our team of professionals work together to ensure you are receiving the care you need to achieve joy and excellence within your health. We continue to grow through the idea that multi-disciplinary clinics should work like the body, together, not in isolation, to ensure our client’s needs are met.

All our therapists are trained extensively in human sciences and understand interrelationships of all body systems, allowing us to assist in aligning the tissues and freeing the fluid flow for improved function, movement and the overall health of your body.


“Let us help you SOAR!”